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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a sparkling beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria. Kombucha starts out as a sugary tea, which is then fermented with Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, also known as SCOBY. The tea becomes full of probiotics which help contribute to a healthy digestive system. Together, these ingredients take a simple product like tea and turn it into a superhero cocktail for your body. Discover for yourself the blissful rewards of health in a bottle.

 We chose a deep, rich flavor profile for our tea to give our kombucha the flavor we are known for.

Kombucha has been known over the years for its amazing health benefits, giving it the nickname, “the tea of immortality.” It is a fermented tea effervescent drink commonly known as a strong source of probiotics and as a detoxifying agent. Kombucha’s reputation is known more for what is does for the digestive system, balances and maintains healthy gut flora (probiotic).We use a wild orange essential oil base in every bottle. Not only is it delicious, there are many health additional health benefits that can be gained by consuming orange essential oil.

 Our tea supplier chooses tea from countries and regions where the air is crisp, and clean. The tea is certified organic and fair trade.

The origins of the kombucha are unknown. However, the first recorded use of kombucha is believed to come from China during the Tsin dynasty. It was known as “The Tea of Immortality”. King Zheng of Qin unified China and became emperor in 221 BC. During his reign, he searched for the “elixir of immortality” until his death. It has been thought that Genghis Khan and his army also filled their flasks with a fermented vinegar beverage.

 Kombucha originated from China thousands of years ago and is the same today as it was then. Same simple ingredients. Same awesome health benefits.

 After World War II, Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union was believed to have had a fear of dying of cancer, as the number of cancer cases increased year by year, except for two regions. A team of scientists were sent to investigate the environmental conditions and lifestyles of the people who lived in those districts with hopes to discovering why the residents cancer-free. The conditions were toxic, much like the other regions where cancer was common.

 Kombucha is live food which means it’s considered a living organism. This is important because living energy works with living cells in our bodies to accelerate health benefits.

 At one of the home visits, a woman offered one of the researchers a drink which he found pleasantly tasteful, and refreshing. That drink was called “tea kvass”, which we know as kombucha. The scientist found this to be the key to the regions health success, as they learned it was being created and consumed in the households in those unaffected regions. At least Stalin made one positive contribution to the world!

It has been found that probiotics work hand and hand with neurons in the digestive system to help aid in the production of serotonin. This chemical contributes to well being and happiness.