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Andria Garcia is the owner of KomBlu and energetic mother of four even more energetic kids. Andria, veteran of Special Operations of the United States Air Force, served her country passionately. Andria has applied the same level of commitment and devotion to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To Andria, each day is an opportunity to enhance her life and the lives of those around her.

Andria has spent years perfecting her unique blends and techniques generously sharing her kombucha with friends, helping them improve their health and feeding their “Booch” addiction. After receiving such high praise and recognizing the demand for her product, she realized it was time for the rest of the world to experience KomBlu.


A message from Andria:

Our bottles are the highest quality swing top and hand blown in Milan, Italy. The cobalt blue color is significant because it protects the kombucha from harmful UV light. (UV light kills bacteria, and we want to keep that good bacteria alive in our product.)

One of my favorite childhood memories was when my brother and I would comb the beaches of Lake Huron looking for beach glass. The most prized color was cobalt blue, because it is among the least commonly found. On rare occasion we would find one. It felt as if we had discovered a hidden treasure. We would get so excited and hang onto them like they were nuggets of gold. Our blue bottle represents that very moment.


In my early twenties I served in the military. My two-year-old daughter, Sequoia, was diagnosed with chronic eczema and asthma. She was covered from head to toe with cracks of open skin sores and wounds that never seemed to heal without the use of steroids.

The amount of ridicule and open rejection Sequoia received from people when they saw or felt her skin was beyond anything I ever expected as a parent.

It was when I was deployed to Kuwait that my quest for safer and natural options for my daughter began and sparked my passion for health and wellness. My time spent there gave me opportunity during my days off to research. It was then that I realized the importance of the digestive system to the overall health of the body.

Years later, my journey for health discovery remains as a constant learning process that I love and share. One such discovery was that of kombucha. Upon receiving my first kombucha culture I began playing with ideas and combined some health techniques that I learned over the years to create a kombucha that not only tasted awesome, but most importantly excelled in its health benefits.

My heart behind starting KomBlu goes beyond just having a cool blue bottle with awesome booch. KomBlu represents a community of people that want something better than what a surrender flag has to offer.


Stay strong. Sequoia strong. From our journey to yours. Thank you for joining us in a continuous quest for health and delicious kombucha.